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Pipe and cable laydown vessels


A) Vessels and mobilization

 - DP I and DP II vessels
 - Installation Barges
 - Custom Mobilization
 - Reel and carousel types
 - Heave compensation
 - Loading and unloading
 - Saturation/Surface oriented Diving Facilities
 - Life Boats

B)Installation equipment

 - Remote operation vehicle (ROV)
 - Tensioner
 - Rear Chute
 - Saturation Diving facilities
 - Pedestals and V-brackets
 - Winches and wheels
 - Floating bags
 - Equipment Rent

 - Tensioners
 - ROV
 - Cable/Pipe Storage facility
 - Turn tables (Carousel)
 - Supply Boats
 - Tow and Tug Boats
 - Hydraulic Bolt tensioners
 - Diesel and power packages


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