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for Subsea, Umbilicals, Risers and flowline systems.


Bend Restrictors and stiffeners

Polyurethane and Steel material with pre-set locked bending radius (LBR) to prevent pipe/cable exceeds its Min. Bending Radious (MBR)

Piggy Back Clamps and Guides

The most reliable assemblies to assure the piggy back and main line curing and accuracy.

J-Tube Seals

This equipment used to seal the interface between the inside of a J-Tube and the riser. Water containing a corrosion inhibitor is normally introduced into the J-Tube void space, it is therefore important to have a robust and effective sealing solution to prevent loss of this water.


Riser Clamps

This assembly secures riser pipe to the fixed platforms with highest reliability and ease.

Ballast Module

To provide the needed heave and weight to assure stability of pipe and assembly in the required depth and location.

Subsea ducts and protections

To accommodate a wide variety of cable diameters from tiny fiber optic cables through to bundled umbilicals.

Cable Centralizers

Typically manufactured from a rigid, marine grade Polyurethane designed to maintain the position of a cable within a J-Tube bellmouth and reduce cable movement during service life.

Cable crossing systems

This system is a seabed spacing solution that developed which provides a sufficient clearance between cables and pipelines/flowlines.

P.L.E.M. (Pipe Line End Manifold)

it consists of an underwater pipeline termination, including valves, flange connections allocated to the above water equipment and facilities hoses to the PLEM.